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ADP –      Annual Development Programme.
ADAB –    Association Development Agencies in Bangladesh.
ADHUNIK – Amra Dhumpan Nibaron Kori.
AEC –       Army Education Crops/ Atomic Energy Commission.
AFMI –    Armed Forces Medical Institute.
AGM –    Assistant General Manager.
AID – Agency for International Development.
APSU –   All Party Student Union.


BADC –   Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation.
BFDC –    Bangladesh Film Development Corporation.
BSRS –    Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha.
BAU –      Bangabandhu Agriculture University.
BEPZA – Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority.
BOA –     Bangladesh Olympic Association.
BPSC –     Bangladesh Public Service Commission.
BRDB –     Bangladesh Rural Development Board.
BRAC –    Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee.
BPDB –    Bangladesh Power Development Board.
BSB – Bangladesh Shilpa Bank.
BWDB –    Bangladesh Water Development Board.
BNCC –    Bangladesh National Cadet Coat.
BDR –       Bangladesh Rifles.
BMA –     Bangladesh Medical Association
BMA –     Bangladesh Military Academy.
BCSIR –    Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
BIISS –    Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies.
BSSF - Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha.
BJMC -    Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation.
B.T.B.C - Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation.
BUET -     Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.
BIRDEM - Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation – in Diabetes Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders.
BRRI -     Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.
BIWTA - Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority.
BARD -    Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development.
BCS - Bangladesh Civil Service.
BRTC -      Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation.
BAAS -     Bangladesh Association of Advancement of Science.
BAFA -     Bangladesh Bulbul Academy for Fine Arts.
BAIRA -    Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agents.
BAEC -     Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.
BARC -     Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council.
BARI - Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute.
BAS - Bangladesh Academy for Science.
BAU - Bangladesh Agricultural University.
BAARI -    Bangladesh Atom Agriculture Research Institute.
BIT - Bangladesh Institute of Technology.
BCC - Bank of Credit and Commerce.
BCI - Bangladesh Commerce and Investment.
BCIC - Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation.
BCSS -     Bangladesh Cable Shilpa Sangstha.
BDRCS -   Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.
BDS - Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
BEA - Bangladesh Economic Association.
BNP - Bangladesh National Party.
BNPWF - Bangladesh Newspaper Press workers Federation.
BNSWC - Bangladesh National Social Welfare Council.
BSTI - Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute.
BSC - Bangladesh Shipping Corporation.
BCCFA -   Bangladesh Custom Clearing and Forwarding Agent.
BASIC -   Bank of Small Industries and Commerce.
BAF - Bangladesh Air Force.
BFUJ - Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists.
BIA - Bangladesh Institute of Agriculture.
BJMA -     Bangladesh Jute Mills Association.
BODC -    Bangladesh Oil Development Company.
BOGMC - Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation.
BJRI - Bangladesh Jute Research Institute.
BSFFC -   Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation.
BRTA -     Bangladesh Rural Telecommunication Authority.
BTWEA - Bangladesh Telecommunication Workers and Employees Association.
BWDB -   Bangladesh Water Development Board.
BURO -   Bangladesh Unemployment Rehabilitation Organization.
BCCB -   Bangladesh Cricket Control Board.
BEPCB -   Bangladesh Environment Pollution Control Board.
BFDC -    Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation.
BFIDC -   Bangladesh Forests Industries Development Corporation.
BFS - Bangladesh Fire Service.
BFA - Bangladesh Football Association.
BGMA -  Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association.
BIIDS -    Bangladesh Institute of International Development Studies.
BITAC -   Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre.
BJEC -     Bangladesh Jute Export Corporation.
BJA - Bangladesh Journalists Association.
BJTC -     Bangladesh Jute Trading Corporation.
BKB - Bangladesh Krishi Bank.
BKSP -     Bangladesh Krira Shikha Protistan.
BRC - Bangladesh River Commission.
BR -   Bangladesh Railway.
BREB -     Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board.
BTMC -    Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation.
BTUC -     Bangladesh Trade Union Centre.
BUTF -     Bangladesh University Teachers Federation.
BAUCSU - Bangladesh Agriculture University Central Students Union.
BASC -     Bangladesh Administrative Staff College.
BMDC -   Bangladesh Management Development Centre.
BMTE -   Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory.
BPATC - Bangladesh Public Administration.
BPC - Bangladesh Petroleum  Corporation.
                        Bangladesh Parjatan  Corporation.
         Bangladesh Penal Code.
BPSC -    Bangladesh Public Service Commission.
BPI - Bangladesh Press International.
BPWD -   Bangladesh Public Works Department.
BSC - Bachelor of Science.
BSCIC -   Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation.
BVDA -   Bangladesh Village Development Academy.
BTRC -    Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission.


CIDA –    Canadian Int. Development Agency.
CIRDAP - Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific.
CMH -     Combined Military Hospital.
CID - Criminal Investigation Department.
CNG - Compressed Natural Gas.
CA - Chartered Accountant.
CAA - Civil Aviation Authority.
CAB - Consumer’s Association of Bangladesh.
C&AG -    Comptroller and Auditor General.
CEC - Chief Election Commissioner.
CEPZ -    Chittagong Export Processing Zone.
CDF - Co-operative Development Fund.
CDB - Cotton Development Board.
CDL - Community Development Library.
CDA - Chittagong Development Authority.
C-in-c -    Commander in Chief.
CDRB -   Centre for Development Research of Bangladesh.
COTA -   Civil Officers Training Academy.
CHTDB - Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board.
CHP - Community Health Programme.
CIF - Cost Insurance and Freight.
CNS - Centre for Nuclear Studies.
CCIF -     Chief Controller of Imports and Exports.
CRE - Clean Report of Finding.
CSAC -    Central Students Action Committee.
CUFFL -   Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory Limited.
CUCSU - Chittagong University Central Students Union.


DUCSU - Dhaka University Central Student Union.
DMP -     Dhaka Metropolitan Police.
DUTA -    Dhaka University Teachers Association.
DESA -     Dhaka Electrics Supply Authority.
DSE - Dhaka Stock Exchange.
DA - Daily Allowance.
         Dearness Allowance.
DB -   Detective Branch.
DC - Deputy Commissioner.
         Deputy Chief. District Council.
DCC - Dhaka City Corporation.
DDDB -    District Development Co-ordination Committee.
DDPI - Deputy Director of Public Instruction.
DMC - Dhaka Municipal Corporation/Dhaka Medical College.
DMP - Dhaka Metropolitan Police.
DFP - Department at Films and publications.
DEPZ -     Dhaka Export Processing Zone.
DGCA -    Director General of Civil Aviation.
DUJ - Dhaka Union of Journalists.
DIT - Dhaka Improvement Trust.
DMCTA - Dhaka Medical College Teachers Association.
DUTP -     Dhaka Urban Transport Project.
DSTR -     Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
DMCH -   Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
DNMI -    Dhaka National Medical Institute.
DSP - Deputy Superintendent of Police.
DTE - Director of Technical Education.
DIG - Deputy Inspector General (of police).


EPR - Export Promotion Bureau.
EPZ - Export Processing Zone.
ENA - Easton News Agency.
ECNEC - Execution Committee of National Economic Council.
EPBB -    Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh.
EPI - Expanded Programme on Immunization.
ERD - Economic Relation Division.
EBR - East Bengal Regiment.
EMS - Emergency Medical Service.
ERDA -    Energy Research Development Agency.


FAP - Flood Action Plan.
FRES -     Fellow of the Royal College of Surgery.
FBCCI -    Federation of Bangladesh Chamber’s of Commerce and Industry.
FEMA -    Fair Election Monitoring Alliance.
FWP - Food of Work Programme.
FDC - Film Development Corporation.
FRI - Foreign Research Institute.
FPAB -      Family Planning Association of Bangladesh.
FAPE -    Fund for Association to Private Education.
FEC - Foreign Exchange Certificates.
FIC - Flood Information Centre.
FRI - Forest Research Institute.
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